Chatbot For E-Commerce

Chatbot technology has stepped up in the plate of Ecommerce to provide seamless and human like experience in form interactive bots. It’s an effective way to serve your customers to solve their queries straight from product/service suggestions to payment process. An automated Chatbot can help the ecommerce companies with:

Ecommerce store Chatbot

Implement Ecommerce store Chatbot on merchant website/app             to enable the customers to search products based on their preferences, quires and assist them to purchase directly from live chat.Customers can share their products or purchases with their families/friends through the social media features integrated in bots.

Fashion/Beauty Advisor Chatbot

Integrate Fashion/beauty advisor Chatbot on your premium lifestyle website to help the shoppers in recommending the perfect outfit and beauty products in particular occasion and allow them to search various styles and precise the search based on brand, price, and colour and size availability. It also help women customers in makeup techniques such as how to use and apply the products and so on.

Search Merchandise Chatbot

Search Merchandise Chatbot help to generate the leads and market products automatically by simple live conversation. It assist and educate the shoppers about the products/services through interactive quiz and engaging videos by creating an interest in customers and convert them into leads.

Compare Products Chatbot

Compare products Chatbots allow the shoppers to compare products based on different brands and assist them to check out the latest deals, offers and discounts on various brands and obtain the best online prices from sellers.

E-commerce seller Chatbot

Deploy ecommerce seller Chatbot on marketplace sites to employ new sellers, and explain them the terms and condition through chat, and assist them how to sell their products or goods and answer their quires with relevant answers.

Payment Chatbot

Payment Chatbot enable the users to make the product payment using different payment methods like amazon pay, Google pay, Phone pay, UPI, bankcards, e-wallet and net backing through the live chat.

Exchange and Replacement Chatbot

Exchange and replacement Chatbot helps the shoppers to exchange the products and explain the terms for replacement and apply for credit notes in case of unavailability.

Product Refund Chatbot

Product Refund Chatbot educate the customer about refund process and answer the quires such as how to return the product purchased, how long the process time, and much more.

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