Chatbot For Education

The advent of Chatbot technology have brought drastic change in the world in many ways. They can be found in almost every sector from Banking to ecommerce. Education, in specific, has greatly benefited from Chatbot development. Digitalizing education and renovating the new experience is one of the greatest challenge in this informational age. In this E-learning field, the Chatbot based applications has shown a tremendous power, in teaching and learning techniques

DxMinds Chatbot for Educational industry is an excellent solution to renovate your current teaching model and intensify overall experience for your students. The younger generation are the first audience to embrace the new technology, and Chatbot will be the best option for enhancing their educational career. DxMinds Chatbot can help the companies with:

Administrative Chatbots

Today the scenario of education have changed dramatically and the concept of administration has moved from enhancing the institution to the improvement of learning technique by implementing Chatbot technology. Administrator Chatbots assist the students in filling of applications, solve their queries, and schedule the calls when human intervention is needed. Thus Chatbots helps to automate the tasks and let up administration domain.

Quiz Chatbots

Quiz Chatbots is an interactive and effective bots, assist the users about their quiz performance, and automatically calculate the final score.AI enabled Chatbots engage with the users with fun quizzes enabling the students to learn in very interesting and fascinating way. It also allow them to solve quires related to general knowledge or news topic

Search Faculty Chatbots

Implement search faculty bots on your educational institutions such as schools, colleges and university that stores the entire academic professional details about their achievements, educational career and profession, and assist the students to book appointment with their favorable teachers, professors and course advisers in appropriate time slot.

Students Support Chatbots

Design and deploy student’s support Chatbots in your educational institutions to support your students with queries related to scholarship, financial aid programmes, learning services, and IT services and help them to troubleshoot their problems by providing instant answers.

Campus Guide Chatbots

The newly enrolled students have a long list of questions related to college timings, sports club, classes and so on. To reduce the burden of faculties and staff member, we have come up with Campus guide Chatbot solution which are able to function as 24/7 assistant, and perfectly guide the students as per their needs.

Educational universities and institution have their own challenges and opportunities, so to provide them with a spot of unique Educational model, DxMinds have come up with a track of Chatbot Education Solutions with current and emerging trends in E-learning.

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