Chatbot For Hospitality

Chatbot trends are transforming the entire hospitality industry, by creating a unique experience. They stay connected with guest right from their arrival to departure, thus enhancing the trust that turn up into returning leads. It goes hand in hand with the hospitality sector, by providing real time support and quality leads for lodging, event planning, hotel reservations, travel and transportation.

DxMinds Hospitality Chatbots can help the companies with:

Reservation Chatbot

The Reservation scenario has been revolutionized where most of the people utilizing online booking platforms for effortlessly making a reservation through the website or apps.Deploying a Chatbot on app or website can change your hospitality business experience, where the person can directly communicate with your hotel Chatbot and easily make reservation at hotels, motels, restaurants etc. Reservation Chatbots facilitate the customers with reservation options, answer their quires and book the reservation as per the date and time.

Personalizing Chatbot

Unlike to follow tedious procedure of check-in/checkout, inquiring about rates and offers, booking and cancelling reservations, or ordering room service, the Hospitality sector can offer a personalized Chatbots which manage a number of areas and greet your customers at all stages in brief about hotel facilities/rules, automatically send the notifications on breakfast/lunch/dinner timings and update checkout times. It can also be used to set the alert reminders for wake up, dinner and spa appointments.

Managing Concierge Chatbot

Most of the time hotel concierge is biased with queries and requires a separate staff to handle numerous tasks related to guest details, payments, accounts, room availability queries ,handling the complaints/issues and more. It is often become hectic and exhausting for businesses to operate flawlessly during seasonal times, and have to invest in allocating more staff for managing concierge services. A Chatbot is the best solution for above mentioned problems by reducing the burden of concierge staff, and free those to manage complicated tasks related to confirming reservation and approving payments. They are capable to handle multiple customers at the same time

Human Language Chatbot

Hospitality Chatbots such as hotels, hostels, motels, cruise lines, and restaurants often deals with offshore guests with different culture and languages. Communicating and offering a personalized experience to offshore guest may be challenging for businesses. This is where businesses can opt    Human Language Chatbot that eliminates language barriers and connect with your guest by providing an interactive experience.

From Hospitality business perspective implementing the Chatbot, can bring multiple benefits as it is an exciting technology that has the potential to help you in enhancing customer experience, increase revenue and drive bookings. Check out our Chatbot Hospitality solutions and feel free to contact us with your requirements and convenient solution

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