Chatbot For Recruiters

Chatbots have finally arrived in recruitment industry with a lot of opportunities, a unique way to interact with talents. Chatbots manages administrative tasks, improves candidate experience, speed up the hiring process, and reduces admin time and gain relevant insights into candidate behavior. To know how it can enhance the recruitment industry, DxMinds have come with Chatbots Solutions for Recruiters.

Have a look of solutions

Interview Chatbots

Chatbots are surely a big deal right now in recruitment process, deploying an interview bot on business website can be advantageous in hiring potential candidates. The unbiased Chatbot evaluates the candidate’s basic skills, figure out the experience necessary for job, and also answer the basic quires related to job role, salary and other aspects. At last it eliminate candidates that are unqualified in interview process and send the qualified ones in final round.

Resume Chatbots

Resume Chatbots are simple, which helps the job seekers to upload the resumes directly into company CMS and then evaluate the CV’s based on fresher’s and experience candidates, estimate the key strength and weakness and notify them the interview scheduled time slot.

Job Search Chatbots

Implement Job search Chatbot in your businesses and IT companies for job postings and find out the candidates based on location, educational qualification, and experience and hire best ones that suites the job role.

HR Policies Chatbots

Integrating HR policies Chatbot educate the employees with company’s rules/regulation, policies and other aspects and frequently answer the HR related queries with case studies and other course of actions.

However the above mentioned are some important solutions in Recruitment sector, But Chatbot provides an endless probabilities. It will continue to evolve with the power of technologies such as Blockchain, AR/VR, IoT, Artificial intelligence and machine learning.

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