Chatbot For Travel and Tourism

Chatbots technology is all set to transform the travel and tourism sector by empowering travelers across the globe with refining access to real-time information. In our digital tech world, customers expect fast, instant and reliable service. To fulfill the demands and needs of the new age digital adept travelers, DxMinds has come up with Travel and tourism Chatbot solutions. Some of the key solutions given by DxMinds are as follows:

Travel agent Chatbot

Chatbots can function as an online travel agent or registration, where customers can send travel queries in the form of a simple conversation. It has become a beneficial tool for travel agency, as Chatbot is embedded with several different languages, thus encouraging more customer engagement. They provide the traveler’s personalized guidance by considering their travel journey and budget and simulates the best service.

Online Booking Chatbot

Online Booking Chatbot assists the travelers to craft holiday plan by providing a user-friendly solution for booking airline/bus/train tickets, hotel reservations, car/bike rentals, hence making the booking process time conservative. Integrate and deploy a Chatbot for your business to present the information about your tourism packages. If users just start typing their start point, destination and desired dates of travel, then bots automatically give the best recommendations.

Customer Service Management Chatbot

Chatbots have come with multi-faceted advantages for travel and tourism businesses. Its ability to work 24*7 and give a prompt response offers a seamless experience to customers, thus attracting them to be with your brand. If a bot is asked something where human interference is compulsory, then it simply collects important details and notifies a human agent who gets back the users with the required solution.

Informational Travel Chatbot

Intelligent Chatbot with machine learning elaborate set of travel services and recommend holiday spots that matches individual requirements and suggest the best hotels and flights. After the user has selected the best vacation package, Travel Chatbot provides a list of sight-seeing spots, information on popular local food, locating rental car/bike service, local weather forecast, etc all can be taken care by one Chatbot. At last, it automatically sends a reminder to customers to submit reviews, ratings, and feedback.

Chatbots have come with a cup of endless opportunities and become more personal than human operators. Today the main purpose of any industry is to win customers loyalty by providing a user-friendly service. And Chatbot is one of the scalable ways to be unique from competitors and enhance your business needs.

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